California Lottery win of $32 million for Orosi man

OROSI, CA – A man from a the small town of Orosi woke up on Sunday to some life-changing news. He holds Friday night’s $32 million winning California Super Lotto ticket.

The winner has decided to remain anonymous but the store owner of where the ticket was purchased described the winner as a family man in his 40’s, who lives and works in Orosi, and buys a lottery ticket from the store nearly every day.

The store owner is so happy that the winning ticket was sold on his premises as he will receive a bonus from the California Lottery. He added, “I’m just excited. I’m really really happy for the owner and for the community I think it’s great.”

Lavh Sidhu is the name of the store owner and the total bonus he will get amounts to $160,000 or half a per cent of the total jackpot.

Sidhu found out about the ticket early Sunday morning. His friend, who owns a store in Kingsburg called telling him someone in Orosi had won.

Sidhu’s daughter checked online and discovered where the ticket was sold. “I just sat there for a minute and was like is this real right now? And I called my dad, and he was just speechless.”

The store owner says he has never sold a winning ticket before. He plans on using the money to open a new store in Oakhurst.

The winner can choose to be paid the full amount in instalments or a one time lump sum cash amount of just over $19 million.

source: KFSN

Published: January 17, 2011

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