La Francaise de Jeux launch new scratch card

PARIS, FRANCE – France’s lottery game provider Francaise de Jeux (FDJ) has launched a new limited-edition scratchcard, Mille Bornes (1,000 Milestones), developed in partnership with TF1 Entreprises’ subsidiary Dujardin, which will be rolled out across FDJ’s 36,500 retail outlets.

Inspired by the famous card game, the new scratch card follows on from previous successful board game-based products launched by FDJ which include Monopoly in 1996 and Scrabble in 2006.

The scratchcard includes six games based on the Mille Bornes road race game, with a top prize of €100,000 on offer.

“The partnership with La Française des Jeux confirms the strong reputation of the Mille Bornes brand, which is enjoying major commercial success in France and internationally, including in the USA,” said Michel Brossard, vice-chairman of Diversification at TF1 and chairman of Dujardin, which owns the Mille Bornes brand. “It also shows that the French brand, a source of diversification for TF1 Entreprises, is now on the same playing field as major UK and US game brands.”

FDJ markets a range of 19 scratchcards for an estimated 21 million customers, comprising long-standing brands such as Banco, Numéro Fétiche, Astro, Solitaire and Dédé, as well as limited-edition cards tying in with current events, including sports (French rugby team), calendar events (2011 Année de Rêve) and theme-based news (Vacances à Vie).

“We expect this game to appeal to French people because it is fun, has mass appeal and the Mille Borne world has been part of their everyday life for several generations,” said Patrick Buffard, marketing director of FDJ.

FDJ generated revenues of €4,290m from its scratchcard range in 2010, up 11 per cent on the previous year. The ‘Cash €500,000’ card generated €1,189m during the year, becoming the company’s third most successful game ever.

source: Gaming Intelligence

Published: March 21, 2011

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