Fifth anniversary of NC Education Lottery celebrated

RALEIGH, NC – Wednesday marked the five year anniversary of the North Carolina Lottery. Each year, lottery officials say more and more people are playing the lottery hoping to win big.

In January, the Education Fund got $102 million from the state lottery, a total of $3 million more than education got last quarter.

“They have a chance to learn more about the lottery and get the results the way they want to get them,” said Van Denton with the North Carolina Education Lottery.

The first 10,000 people to sign-up at Luck-E-Zone could win a netbook and there are plans to develop a player’s reward program, under the Luck-E-Zone logo.

Critics argue new lottery programs are meant to increase sales, taking a financial and emotional toll on its most vulnerable players.

“It reaches out, I would suggest, to young people who’s more savvy about the Internet,” Rev. Mark Creech said. “Gambling proponents are extremely savvy about how to recruit new gamblers and new players.”

Creech says lottery players are buying hope, but they won’t find it.

source: ABC Local

Published: March 31, 2011

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