Burnley man wins £2.3m Lotto jackpot

BURNLEY, LANCASHIRE – A man from Burnley has quit his job and plans to see the world after becoming the latest Lotto millionaire. Anthony Young, 33, scooped just over £2.3million in the draw on Saturday April 2 but did not realise it until the next day.

“I came back from a party on Sunday and realised I may be a winner after I checked my results on TV. I thought I was seeing things so ran to my local shop to get a print out of the winning numbers and buy a paper to check my numbers again. When they matched, I then had to look on the internet – but by this time, I knew I couldn’t be wrong! As it was late on Sunday evening, the Lottery line was closed so I had to keep my ticket safe. I went to the pub with mates and had it in my pocket the whole time before hiding it under my carpet when I went to bed. I didn’t sleep a wink and was out walking the dog at 4:00am on Monday waiting for the phone line to open! My mate came to collect me at 6:30am to take me to work and I told him I wouldn’t be coming in anymore and to give my job to someone else who really needed the money – as I’d won the Lottery!”

The former machine operator from Padiham, in Burnley, didn’t know how he was going to earn any more money after June, when his temporary contract as a machine operator was due to end.

He had been earning just £210 a week checking car parts at the Toyota factory and funds had been tight.

Published: April 7, 2011

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