Father and son find months old Lotto Max jackpot winning ticket

WINNIPEG – Christmas came late for a Winnipeg father-son duo – but a million bucks comes better late than never.

Just before Christmas, Robert Moffatt and father John purchased a Lotto Max lottery ticket. The numbers were good for the draw on Christmas Eve.

But it was only recently that Robert remembered to run the ticket (and a few others) through a self-serve ticket checker.

That’s when he learned the ticket that had been stashed away for months was worth $1 million.

While some might have screamed, Robert stayed calm, met his father for coffee, and told him the news.

“He might have been calm, but I was pretty excited,” John chuckled.

Robert said he plans to share his half of the winnings with his family, while John is pumped about purchasing a new diesel car.

source – Winnipeg Free Press

Published: May 12, 2011

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