Leeds Great-grandmother wins £1.5m in Lotto

LEEDS – Seventy-eight year old Helen Walker from Kippax, Leeds won £1.5 million on the National Lottery and revealed her spending plans earlier this week.

Mrs Walker, who has lived in her current home for 46 years with her husband Stan and has no plans to move from the house. She does want to take a first-class trip to Florida and hire a gardener but also has a large family that she wants to help out.

The Walkers are expecting the arrival of their fifth great-grandchild later this month. Helen and Stan are keen to provide any financial assistance they now are able to their ever expanding family.

On the trip to Florida, the Walkers will go with their two children and their families, all travelling first class.

Mrs Walker had earlier in the day backed the Queen’s horse, Carlton House in the Derby and thought her luck was out as it was beaten by Pour Moi.

Later that day she checked her lottery numbers and could not believe her eyes when she discovered that she had all six numbers. When she went upstairs to tell Stan he wasn’t taking her seriously.

She said she told him,  “I hope you don’t mind me waking you up but we’ve got six numbers on the lottery.”

Mr Walker said, “I told her politely to go downstairs and turn the light off.”

source: Belfast Telegraph

Published: June 8, 2011

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