Georgia man wins $10k for second time in two months

ATLANTA, GA – After winning $10,000 in May in the Maxim Green Extra Chance drawing, Chad Millsaps from Loganville was surprised to win again this month, again winning $10,000.

He said that he plans to take his family on vacation. With his first win, the father of two with his wife, Kristina, paid bills and bought a new set of golf clubs.

“We’ll have a good vacation, that’s for sure,” Millsaps, 35, said of his second win. “The kids can have whatever they want.”

Maximum Green is an instant game with $5 million top prizes. Georgia Lottery players can enter non-winning Maximum Green instant tickets into monthly Extra Chance drawings for a chance at 10 $10,000 prizes.

Since its first year, the Georgia Lottery Corp. has returned more than $12.5 billion to the state of Georgia for education.

Published: July 19, 2011

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