Long Island man finally paid out after $10k win was stolen

LONG ISLAND, NY – A fight over a lotto ticket on Long Island is over, and it’s left it’s rightful owner Robert Collins thanking his lucky stars.

Someone took his winning $10,000 ticket and he was told by the New York Lottery he would not be getting the money.

Its money Collins was due after he purchased a winning quick draw ticket at a bar in Holbrook. He celebrated his win at the same bar and a bartender allegedly stole the ticket from right under his nose.

The bartender in question then passed the ticket on to a relative who cashed the prize and spent all the money.

The New York lottery told a devestated Collins’ that because they’d already had paid out the prize, he’d have to seek payment from the person who stole it from him and the person who spent the money that was rightfully his.

After a television news programme, ABC Eyewitness News, called the state lottery, Collins was surprised and relieved to get the call saying he could come and pick up the prize.

After investigations were made into the legitimacy of Collins’ claim, the bartender and relative were arrested and the bartender was fired from their job.

Published: August 18, 2011

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