£10 National Lottery scratch card launched by Camelot

LONDON, UK – Camelot, the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery, has launched its first £10 scratch card game called “£4 million Blue”.

With five different games, four huge top prizes of £4 million and over £120 million in total cash prizes available to be won, £4 Million Blue delivers great play value.

With odds of winning any prize on this scratch cards at roughly 100/30 it offers the best overall odds of winning any National Lottery prize. The 25.7 per cent profit margin on this game is the lowest of all National Lottery scratch cards.

£4 million Blue is the biggest scratch card on sale and is printed on foil to make it stand out even more in National Lottery retailers’ displays.

16.5 million tickets have been printed for the game, with around 23,500 National Lottery outlets with proven demand for higher-priced games set to stock the game.

As well as the new £10 game, Camelot has launched a second £3 Scratchcard, Pot of Gold.

Total UK National Lottery sales have increased by over 20 per cent since 2002 and the number of players playing National Lottery games has gone up five per cent since 2007.


Published: May 15, 2012

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