Inventor to sue Camelot over scratch cards

HALIFAX UK – An inventor from Halifax is going to take the National Lottery operator Camelot to court. Henry Pattison is claiming copyright infingement over a number of National Lottery scratch cards.

The 73 year old inventor claims that the “On a Roll”, “Cloud 9” and “Lucky Dice Doubles” scratch cards are all based on his board game called Combinations. Over 85 million of these scratch card games have been printed and Mr. Pattison is claiming ten pence per card sold, which would give him over £8million.

Thousands of his Combinations board game were sold in the 80’s but he made no money after being let down by a middleman. He has also produced gamecards on his original idea and in 2002 he wrote to Camelot with the idea of using dice combinations on scratchcards and is now claiming they copied his idea.

He claims that he has “been robbed all the way down the line.  Camelot have had my designs and claim the scratchcards are independent of them.”

Mr Pattison will use written evidence to fight his case and will represent himself if the case goes to court.

Camelot have said that is “believes Mr Pattison’s claim to be entirely without foundation and will therefore be defending its position most vigorously.”

Published: February 25, 2010

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