“Wrong” scratch card wins man $50,000

BALTIMORE, Md – A man from Dundalk who was given the wrong scratch off ticket and nearly through it away has won $50,000!

Norman Harvel, won the prize on a “Bucks Deluxe” scratch card that he purchased in Baltimore.

Mr. Harvel told Maryland lottery officials that he was given the wrong ticket by the store clerk where he purchased the ticket but decided to keep it anyway. He scratched his way to $50k the day after he received it.

Harvel said, “I’d mixed the ticket in with some papers I was throwing out and almost tossed it.”

Luckily he didn’t put the ticket in the trash and he was able to claim his prize last week.

Bucks Deluxe is priced at $5 and has three prizes of $50,000 remaining to be won.

Published: March 10, 2010

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