$10,000 scratch card win in Missouri

A Camdenton woman has won a $10,000 lottery prize after buying a $20 Scratchers instant win game at a local convenience store.

The lucky winner is Peggy Ede, 48. She bought the “$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza” ticket because it was pink, her daughter’s favorite color. Her daughter had just been home, visiting from college.

According to Missouri Lottery officials, Ede plans to pay off some of her bills and use the remaining money to buy a used truck for her business.

The “$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza” scratch card game officially began on Jan. 23. The game features 13 different prize levels from $1 to $5 million and offers more than $120 million in total prizes.

Published: March 24, 2010

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