New Jersey woman claims $212m Powerball prize

Sandra McNeil of Morristown, New Jersey has claimed a mammoth $211.7 million Powerball jackpot  a month after the draw was made.

Mrs. McNeil chose the lump sum payment when she bought the ticket so she will receive $101.6 million before any state and federal taxes are taken out. She will effectively be getting paid less than half of the jackpot amount she has won.

According to officials from the New Jersey Lottery, McNeil had concerns about her privacy and doesn’t want to hold a news conference or check presentation to mark her jackpot triumph.

In a statement given to the New Jersey Lottery, Sandra McNeil said, “”I give God all the glory for this blessing that He has given to me. He has seen and knows the highs and lows of my life, and knows the good I have done, and the good I hope I can continue to accomplish in His name.”

McNeil’s win, though huge, isn’t the first, or even the biggest in Powerball by a New Jersey resident. Steven and Kristine White from Somerset County, won a prize of $110 million before tax after hitting the jackpot on May 8, 2004 .

The biggest lottery win ever in New Jersey was a whopping $156 million, by Harold and Helen Lerner from Bergen County, who hit a September 2005 jackpot with an annuity worth $258 million.

Published: April 20, 2010

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