Diamond 7’s jackpot won in Sedbergh

Sedbergh, UK –  A pub cleaner and cellarman has scooped a UK National Lottery jackpot prize after scratching his way to £77,777 by playing a “Diamond 7’s” scratch card.

Ian Bracken, 54, said that he couldn’t believe his eyes when one of the two scratch card tickets he purchased at a local store came up trumps.

He has been working at the same pub, the Dalesman Country Inn for five years. He plans to use the winnings to buy himself a new car and get gifts for his sister and 22 year old son.

Talking about his win, Bracken said, “I could not believe it when I discovered I had won the jackpot. I am still in shock now. It was unreal, I had to look at the scratch card so many times to be sure I was seeing it right!

The scratch card he bought costs £2 and consists of seven lines. Each line gives players the chance to win, with the top prize being the £77,777.

“I’ve put the cheque in the bank now and I’m seeing somebody from the bank to discuss what my options are. I’ve never had anything like this.”

Mr Bracken says that he will continue to buy the £2 scratchcards in hope of winning another excellent prize.

Diamond 7’s scratch cards have odds of one in 3,634,032 to win the top prize.

Published: May 11, 2010

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