Oklahoma Lottery scratch cards help to increase earnings

OKLAHOMA, Ok. – The Oklahoma State Lottery has revealed better than expected sales figures for the fiscal year ending July 2010.

Executive Director of the Lottery, Jim Scroggins said that Oklahoma Lottery games will raise nearly $70million for education projects in the state, more than previously expected.

Part of the reason for this increased money raising is the popularity of “scratchers” instant win games in the state. The scratch card sales actually offset poor Powerball ticket sales.

It is estimated that the lottery has generated $198.5million in the past year (up $8million on the previous estimates) and based on those new estimates around $69.7million will be given to education in Oklahoma. State law requires that the lottery gives at least 35 per cent of its sales towards education funding.

Scratch cards produced most money for the lottery, estimated at $87million or 20 per cent more than expected. Scroggins believes that scratch cards have proved more popular than expected due to the fact that players find out whether they have won or not instantly and that they are also very cheap, with most “scratchers” retailing for $1 or $2.

Powerball sales have fallen to $80million, down a lot from expectation of $95million in Powerball sales. Again, Scroggins didn’t have much idea as to why Powerball sales fell, especially when jackpots are so high. The fragility of the economy in Oklahoma and the introduction of Mega Millions draw game could be reasons why less money has been generated by Powerball sales.

When speaking to The Oklahoman newspaper, executive director Scroggins said that he and other lottery directors across the United States are working on a new national game that would be available to all 43 states that currently have a lottery.

Published: June 16, 2010

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