Sioux City men win $1m in Iowa Lottery

DES MOINES, Iowa. – A World War Two veteran and his son have split a million dollar Powerball prize between them after matching five numbers in the previous draw. Keith Olson, 85 said that it was one of the biggest days of his life.

Mr Olson and his son Rolle Zellers shared a total of $700,000 between them after state and federal taxes were taken from the $1million prize.

The prize total reached $1million after Mr. Zellers bought the Power Play option for $1, which saw the prize won quintupled!

Mr. Zellers from Sioux City bought himself and his father a separate ticket on a day they went to see Mr. Olson’s wife in hospital. The winning ticket was the one he bought for his dad, but Keith Olson was insistent that he share the prize completely with his son.

The War veteran said he would “spend mine pretty fast” as he plans to use the money to help out many of his extended family. According to the Sioux City Journal Mr. Olson has four children, nine grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren, so there are plenty of people to get a share of his money.

Despite being a lottery millionaire, Zellers said he plans to continue working. He wants to use the money to pay off his house and to buy his wife a new car.

The $1million prize was the biggest Powerball prize won in Iowa for the draw. Nobody across the whole country managed to win the jackpot of $79million. For Wednesday’s draw the jackpot rises further to $97million.

Published: June 22, 2010

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