UK scratch card win won’t change Durham couple

DURHAM, U.K. – A couple from County Durham who won £250,000 from a National Lottery Deal or No Deal scratch card have already spent a fifth of their winnings on a new caravan and 4×4 vehicle. Despite this big outlay, the pair said the money will hardly change them.

Christine and Ian Bladen collected their £250,000 scratch card prize on Wednesday and they both told the Northern Echo that they wouldn’t be moving out of their council house in Chilton.

Mrs. Bladen said, “This is not going to make me posh or anything else. I couldn’t be posh if I tried, and I wouldn’t want to.”

Her husband added, “It has not really sunk in yet, but the win was perfect timing as we wanted to buy ourselves a new car and caravan as our old one was getting a bit old.”

Mrs. Bladen purchased the winning Deal or No Deal scratch card after going out to buy milk at the local shop. She said that the often buys a couple of scratch cards when she goes to the shops and the fact that she likes the Deal or No Deal television show persuaded her to buy the winning ticket.

The couple who have a total of four grown up children from previous relationships and two younger children of their own will have plenty of people to share their winnings with!

Mrs Bladen said: “We cannot believe it has happened to us really – we are just an ordinary couple and we do love our caravaning holidays.

Published: July 6, 2010

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