Man turns CA$6 into CA$500k Lotto Max prize

TORONTO, ON. – Ontario man Robert Shepley has turned another persons small change into a life changing lottery prize for himself after he shared a Maxmillions prize of CA$1million with another player.

The property inspector from Windsor was given CA$6 by another individual so he decided to buy a Lotto Max ticket as the jackpot prize and total prize pool were at a record high. It turned out to be a great decision and he ended up sharing a Maxmillions prize with another player from the Hamilton area.

Robert Shepley had never played the lottery before but in his two attempts he has won prizes. The first time he took home a more measly amount of CA$20, the next time he managed to win a half million dollar Lotto Max prize.

Mr. Shepley already has plans for the money. After collecting his prize he told Ontario Lottery and Gaming that he planned to donate some to charity, give some to family members and save for his upcoming retirement.

Published: July 6, 2010

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