Ohio Lottery achieves sales record

COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Lottery posted record annual sales figures for last year, the Columbus Dispatch reports, despite suffering a series of setbacks over the past couple of years, including the resignation of its director, a weak debut for a new game and a lawsuit over a new contract.

Delighted Ohio State Lottery officials said that sales totaled $2.48 billion for the Ohio Lottery during its 2010 fiscal year, a jump of nearly $70 million from last year’s total.

Lottery officials said the increase in sales was attributed to the addition of Powerball and a full year of Keno sales.

Along with its strong sales, the Ohio Lottery had its second-highest profit-making year. In total the lottery transferred $728.6 million toward public schools, around $26.3 million more than last year.

Lottery Director Kathleen Burke said, “We are excited to be able to maximize our profits in such a way as to send such a large transfer to the education fund. That’s why we’re here.”

Published: July 8, 2010

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