Cumbria’s “luckiest” shop sells another winning ticket

CARLISLE, U.K. –  The luckiest Lotto shop in Cumbria has again sold a winning lottery ticket, this time worth over £100,000, cementing the shop’s lucky reputation in the process.

Richard James newsagents, in Workington has sold many winning tickets since it was given the tag of luckiest store in 1999. In the past year and a half a £200,000 EuroMillions ticket was sold there as well as a scratch card worth £50,000.

The latest winning amount has not been disclosed as the winning ticket holder wanted to keep their identity secret.

The owner of the newsagent, Richard James told the Times and Star, “It’s brilliant to sell another winning ticket.

“We are one of only a few shops that has two lottery machines. We have got so busy from people buying the tickets we had to get another machine about five years ago.

“When people see it on our banner outside it’s surprising how many are lured in after they have driven past.

“We have thousands of people who come in for their lottery tickets every week. It is brilliant for the business.”

Published: July 9, 2010

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