Italian Lotto jackpot soars

ROME, Italy –  This weeks SuperEnalotto draw in Italy is the world’s biggest current lottery jackpot. The big prize has not been won for a long time and after many rollovers the stage is set  for one of the biggest jackpots in lottery history. The Italian lotto jackpot  is about to tip over to 100 million Euro if it isn’t won in the next draw.

The next SuperEnalotto Italy draw happens this Thursday evening and the estimated jackpot for that draw is exactly 99 million Euro making it the biggest lottery jackpot anywhere in the world right now.

The game is played by selecting six numbers out of a pool of 90 balls. The number of balls that are used in the game is what makes the Italian lotteries one of the hardest in the world to win. The growth of the current  jackpot to such a huge amount is partly due to this fact.

Public interest in the jackpot prize has been rising almost as fast as the jackpot, and if the lotto goes another draw without a winner, world publicity will continue to grow.  Anyone can play the lottery  by visiting the lottery’s website. The registration process takes three steps and once it is completed you can play the SuperEnalotto for a chance to win a record prize.

Published: July 14, 2010

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