Maryland woman struggling for cash wins a million!

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Paula Evans, 39, a resident of the Maryland town Landover, claimed a $1million prize that she won through an “Ultimate Payday” scratch card from the Maryland State Lottery.

Winning the money couldn’t have come at a better time for Evans as she is currently unemployed, has medical bills to pay for her disabled son and her own college tuition fees to pay as well.

The “winning” scratch card that Ms. Evans purchased was actually bought around a year ago but she mailed it in to Lottery HQ as it was valid for a “second-chance” draw for a $1million prize.

Gail Pelovitz, a Maryland Lottery spokesperson said that Paula Evans was one of around 44,000 eligible tickets mailed into the lottery headquarters that was valid for the “second-chance” draw.

The winner has been unemployed for two to three years and acts as a carer for her 18 year old son James and also has Deshawn, 17 and Lenysa, 21 to look after as well.

Evans said she plans to use her winnings, about $657,000 after taxes, to pay for the medical bills for her son James and to pay for the tuition for her daughter, Lenysa Evans, 21, who is currently studying at Towson University, and son Deshawn, who plans to attend Towson University from next year.

Evans said she found about winning the draw by e-mail this weekend from the Maryland Lottery. Sneakily the lottery informed her that she was a finalist. When she arrived at the Maryland Lottery’s office in Baltimore on Tuesday morning, she realized she was the only finalist!

“When I got here, they said, ‘We’re going to take you back with the other finalists.’ They walked me back and when they opened up the door, there were cameras everywhere and a check with my name on it,” Evans said

Published: July 15, 2010

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