Time to plan a vacation for Nottingham lotto winners

NOTTINGHAM, U.K. – A 64 year old couple from Nottingham who run a business together have scooped a jackpot of over £7.5million after winning the UK National Lottery’s Lotto.

Ivan and Susan Westbury claimed their prize yesterday and celebrated in front of the media with a bottle of champagne and novelty cheque. Their identities were revealed by the National Lottery operator, Camelot, at a local hotel.

Mr. Westbury, who, along with his wife, run a lightning protection company, hasn’t had a day off in four years and returned to work after finding out he’d won £7.7million.

He told the BBC that, “I’ve got a passion about work and I know it’s my own business but it’s more than work, it’s a passion with me and I just love what I do. I went back to finish off what I was doing.”

The couple said that they plan to go on plenty of holidays and buy a new house and car.

Published: July 21, 2010

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