Arkansas Lottery reports raffle glitch

LITTLE ROCK, AR. – The Arkansas Lottery has reported that some winning tickets for their new “Million Dollar Raffle” game were not picked up after a software failure at a lottery retailer.

The game, which started last week on the 14th July, costs $10 per ticket and gives players a chance to win two $1million prizes. The fact that it is a raffle and has a smaller number of tickets means that the odds of winning a prize are much smaller than for a normal draw.

Million Dollar Raffle also has instant prizes of $20 for some players. It was at a lottery retailer that some of these prizes were not given out due to the software glitch. Forty five players who should have won an instant prize didn’t because of this issue.

The Arkansas Lottery has published the serial numbers of the winning tickets to give the players who missed out an opportunity to claim their due prizes. Click here to see if one of your tickets is a winner.

source: Arkansas News

Published: July 22, 2010

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