California co-workers claim MegaMillions jackpot

LOS ANGELES, CA. – A pair of co-workers at an independent telephone company came forward to claim a $64million Mega Millions jackpot prize which they won from the draw made on July 16th.

The two women, Ms. Zahra Vasseghi and Ms. Thu Thao Troung told press that they have been playing lottery games together for the past six months, they exclusively play Mega Millions and SuperLotto. They pay in advance for five draw and play $1 each draw, so it is not too expensive a pastime for them. It has certainly paid off massively for them!

Both women decided to check the results together at work and they were immediately left stunned. In a statement they said, “We thought we were seeing it wrong,” they said in a statement.“We were screaming inside.”

The lucky winners chose the one time lump sum payment and will split just over $40million between them before state and federal taxes are taken. They said that they plan to give some money to charity, help their respective families and buy a suite in the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

source: The Downey Patriot

Published: July 23, 2010

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