$1million scratch card prize claimed by Iowa man

DES MOINES, IO. – A family from north west Iowa have received a welcome gift in the form of a lotto win after Robert Stewart II claimed a $1million prize that he won on a $20 “Lifetime Riches” scratch card from the Iowa Lottery.

Mr Stewart told reporters at a lottery press conference that he doesn’t normally buy $20 scratch 0ff’s and that his wife, even after hearing that he’d won the $1million top prize, “was going to hit me for buying a $20 ticket!”

The Stewart’s have two teenage children and are hoping to help them with their financial needs in the future. The lucky winner of the prize chose to take the lump sum cash option (rather than the $40,000 per year for 25 years) and will receive $455,000 after state and federal taxes are taken from the prize. The total lump sum before taxes is $650,000.

Robert Stewart doesn’t have any major spending sprees planned apart from replacing his 1996 Oldsmobile with a newer car. He wants to get all his debts and mortgage paid out then seek financial advice before investing the majority of the money. He also confirmed that he would continue working for the time being in his role as the manager of a video game store.

This is by far the biggest prize won by the self confessed regular lottery player though he has won $1,000 on two occasions and $480 in 2006. He said that he normally spends $20 Р$30 on lottery games (mostly scratch cards) every couple of weeks.

Published: July 23, 2010

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