NY Lottery winner to donate money to education fund

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Etta Beard, 82, is the latest in a line of big winners from the New York Lottery, she has won a $1million jackpot  from a “Win a Million” scratch card, which will be paid out in annuity over 20 years, by which time Ms. Beard will be 102!

Beard, a former elementary school teacher from the Syracuse City School District said that she picks her lottery numbers from friends birthdays and said she also likes to play scratch cards, saying, ““I like the tickets because it’s a surprise. It’s like a little child, ‘what’s under here’.”

Her love of playing scratch cards paid off on July 17th when she went to her local store and was immediately attracted to the “Win a Million” tickets. She bought two and the first one she bought was the million dollar winner, but she didn’t believe she’d won so she scratched the other and it was also a winner, worth $40. She told lottery officials that she kept the jackpot winning ticket in a safe place until it had truly sunk in that she had won the money.

Ms. Beard is the first winner of the four jackpot prizes available on this scratch card game, she will get a $50,000 annuity until 2029. A lottery spokesperson said that Ms. Beard will need to allocate someone to receive payment of the prize, which the New York Lottery is obliged to pay out, in case of her death.

The money that Beard will get after taxes is close to $33,000 per year.

Etta Beard plans to use her winnings to treat herself but also wants to donate money to the church her mother attended in Georgia and to a scholarship fund for students in Syracuse.

Published: July 28, 2010

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