Teenager wins £1m Lotto jackpot

HUDDERSFIELD, U.K. –  A 18 year old nursery nurse from Huddersfield has won just over £1million from the UK National Lottery’s Lotto draw after matching all six numbers drawn to take a share of Saturday’s jackpot prize.

Stacey Bywater told The Sun how she was glued to the television all night on Saturday as she tried to work out exactly how much she had won after matching all six numbers drawn in the main draw. The total amount she will collect is £1,117,779.

Ms. Bywater said that she plans to use some of the money to help her family move out of the council house they live in and help her sister and sister’s daughter to put a deposit on a house of their own.

Stacey also said that her father had always dreamed that one day someone in the family would win the lottery, she said “it’s amazing that it has come true.”

Despite the dream coming true, both Ms. Bywater and her father will carry on working.

Published: August 11, 2010

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