New Hampshire Lottery cancels online gaming proposal

CONCORD, NH. – The New Hampshire State Lottery yesterday announced that it would be abandoning a proposed online lottery service and would instead be shifting the focus of its activities to existing popular games such as scratch cards and draw games.

Lottery chief Charles McIntyre said in a statement that the plan to launch “PlayNowNH” had been scrapped because it was unlikely to produce a high enough revenue to make it worthwhile. “In light of our other challenges at this time, it is clear that the resources needed to introduce and sustain a product like PlayNowNH would be a poor return on investment.” McIntyre said.

According to the lottery the PlayNowNH game would have allowed players to choose what they wanted to play – baseball, super slots, speed bingo or New Hampshire poker – and the amount they wanted to spend. Each game would cost a certain amount and players would have their spend capped at $100.

So, a player could buy up to 20 chances on a ticket for a $5 game, go online using the access code on the ticket and play that game 20 times.

The prizes were determined at sale so players could have checked at lottery outlets to see if the tickets were winners without actually having to play the game online. The interactive part of the game was simply a new way to reveal if the ticket was a winner.

The New Hampshire Lottery commission was promoting the game as a way to attract younger players who could have used their computers or smart phones to play the games.

Security would have been an issue as it would have made playing lottery games for underage people. All lottery games in New Hampshire are restricted to people aged 18 or over.

source: Business Week

Published: August 18, 2010

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