Former homeless woman wins $1m

BOSTON, MA. – An ex heroin user who used to live on the streets has had an incredible turn of luck after winning a million dollars from a Massachusetts Lottery scratch off ticket.

Jini Burke, who normally purchased five $2 tickets every week from the same store only won her prize after her preferred ticket was out of stock. “Instead of five $2 tickets, I bought a ten dollar one” she told reporters.

Ms. Burke has been clean from drugs for 19 years and has been a drugs counsellor since 1994. She said that she loves sharing her story with current addicts and hopes to be able to help them recover as she has done.

As for plans on what to do with the money, Jini Burke wants to be able to pay off a lot of her mortgage as she’d been falling behind. She also said that “all I want to do is go and sit in a decent seat at a Red Sox game.”

She added that her main aim is to continue working and remain sober.

Published: August 19, 2010

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