Australia Scratch Cards

Various lotteries operate in Australia and they all sell scratch cards in the states that they operate in. Below is information on all the lotteries and the scratch cards that they sell.

Tattersall’s Lotteries

“Tatts” sells many different scratch cards in various Australian states, which include; Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). “Tatts” also runs Queensland’s Golden Casket Lottery Corporation.

The scratch cards available for purchase in these states are priced at AUS$1, AUS$2, AUS$3, AUS$4 and AUS$5. The cards are all relatively cheap and offer some excellent cash rewards for winners.

The prizes on offer start at AUS$1 and go up as far as AUS$250,000 (this is the top prize awarded on the $5 “scratchies” on sale).

Intralot Australia

Intralot Australia operates in Victoria and Tasmania.

It sells various “Lucky Tix” scratch cards as part of its product mix.

Cards are sold for many different prices so as to offer players as much choice as possible. The prices are: AUS$1, AUS$2, AUS$3, AUS$4, AUS$5 and AUS$10.

Each winning scratch card awards a cash prize. The prizes vary from AUS$1 to AUS$500,000 (The $10 “Money Magic card awards this top prize).

New South Wales Lotteries

NSW Lotteries has around 12 scratch cards on sale throughout the state.

They are priced from AUS$1 with other cards priced at AUS$2, AUS$3, AUS$5 and AUS$10. This gives most people the option to purchase a ticket no matter they’re budget.

Cash rewards start at AUS$1 and the maximum prize awarded is AUS$250,000.

South Australian Lotteries

SA Lotteries sells scratch cards as part of its inventory of lottery games in South Australia.

Prices for scratch cards sold by SA Lotteries range from AUS$1 to AUS$10. This gives customers plenty of options on what game to play and the stakes they are willing to pay.

Prizes for winners start at AUS$1 and the biggest prize given away is AUS$300,000, with another great prize of AUS$75,000 per year for 10 years being offered on a ticket worth AUS$5.


Lotterywest is the state government owned lottery of Western Australia. It sells various scratch cards at many locations in the state.

Prices for scratch cards start at AUS$1, other cards are on sale for AUS$2, AUS$3, AUS$5 and AUS$10. This gives customers an excellent level of choice when they want to purchase a scratch card in Western Australia.

Cash rewards are given for all winning tickets. Prize money starts at AUS$1 and the maximum reward given by Lotterywest is AUS$300,000.

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