Spanish Scratch Cards

In Spain, playing the lottery is part of life for many people; especially with the annual “El Gordo” super draw every Christmas. This draw offers the biggest prizes in the world with over €2.3billion in the prize pool this year. There are many other draws throughout the year, which offer large cash sums to the winners and are played by millions of people all over Spain.

Scratch cards are though, a relatively new inclusion in Spain with it still very hard to find them related to the Spanish National Lottery.

The most popular scratch cards in Spain are produced by ONCE (The Spanish Organisation for the Blind). A recent addition to their products, the scratchcards have proven very popular and profitable for ONCE, helping (along with the traditional cúpon lotto that has been running since 1939) to offer the majority of blind or sight-impaired people in Spain jobs, improved training and more professional opportunities.

Scratch cards were introduced to the Spanish market by ONCE in 2006 with what has been described as an impressive marketing and advertising campaign.

The scratch cards offered by ONCE are various and priced at either €1 or €0.50. There are 4 different scratch cards available (the first one released in 2006 is no longer in production).

They are: El 7 de la Suerte (Lucky Seven), Super 7 de la Suerte (Super Lucky Seven), Tres de Seis (3 out of 6) and El Trébol (The Clover).

In terms of the prizes on offer, they are relatively small compared to some scratch cards on offer in other countries. For a 50cent scratch card the maximum you can win is €3,000 and with one of the €1 cards it is possible to win €10,000.

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